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Unable to print blue card

I can see and enter completed Emerg Prep requirements for 3 scouts in the same troop, same scoutmaster who invited me to serve as merit badge counselor, but I can only print out blue cards for my records for 2 of those scouts. What happened to the 3rd scout?

The Scout still might be in a pack membership in Scoutbook - that messes with Merit Badges - I think that would be the first thing to check

Thank you for the response, but this scout is working on his last MB for Eagle, so I don’t know why I can’t see him to print out.
Thanks again.

hmmmmm - can you post the BSA # ?

I don’t think I have access to that as a MB counselor?

OK there are other ways to crack an Egg - what is your BSA # - and what are the Scouts initials?

Per your request:

It’s because your connection to Scout M.B. is View Profile / View Advancement / Approve Merit Badges.

But your connection to Scouts A.T. and I.T. is Full Control / Approve Merit Badges.

How can that be changed to the same as the

Thank you!

Ask the Scoutmaster or one of the parents to connect you to the Scout with Full Control / Approve Merit Badges long enough for you to print the blue card.

Thank you very much for your assistance!

This is a bug. MBCs are supposed to be able to print Blue Cards for any Scout they are connected to as an MBC. We will report it to the developers.

Sounds good to me, thank you!

@JoyceBetita I’ve done some testing, and you should be able to Print Blue Cards for all of those Scouts even with the different connection types.

Please check the “Date Started Between:” start date, and try making the start date an earlier date and Update Filter. You can make the start year 2000, and that should get them all. See if that changes things for you.

I had changed the filter dates to the first of the month, well before we started, but I’ll try the year 2000 as you recommended.
Thank you.

That worked!!
Thank you!!


The start date for a MB is the date
The MB was added to the Scout’s advancement page, not the date of the first completion. I have seen Scouts with a MB on their advancement page years before the first completion. This typically happens when a Scout indicates he/she wants to work on a MB and a leader adds it but the Scout doesn’t actually start anything for a long time after the discussion.

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