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Printing to the new mb cards (full page)

The new printable cards for merit badges are not the 33414. those are now obsolete.
When might we see the new web pdf available, for the new form?
Much more legible to print and sign than write them all on each card. thanks for the help…

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if you are referring to a specific SKU - what is it?

I am trying to use scoutbook to print to the new meritbadge cards.
This is what the office uses, the 33414 cards are now obsolete.
(Attached the new cards picture sku 654936)

hope this helps,
thanks for your attention to this

sku 654936.pdf (272 KB)

That is not even on Scoutshop.org - this has been reported - no idea when it will be worked on

I wish Supply group would take my suggestion for a single generic certificate for everything

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D, Thanks for the answer. Not what I, wanted but it will work for now!
Have a great holiday

This would be a greener option as well as it would waste fewer “partial” prints.

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