BSA Form 33414 - version 2022

See this link: Merit badge Sheet Printing

The option to create a PDF that I can then print atop these forms is broken. It was broken in 2022, and I don’t know if it was ever fixed then. But printing Merit Badge cards is again - broken. Clearly BSA’s marketing hand doesn’t know what it’s electronic tools had is doing, but better communication is needed; both internally, as well as to your users. If you know what years of form 33414 the tool works for, please post it. These forms are not free, and you’re wasting my unit’s money by making me believe that I can print to the these forms. A scout is Thrifty goes beyond one’s own resources: we should not be wasting others resources. But that’s the experience I’m having. You’re wasting my time and money by falsely advertising a feature that does not work. Either remove it, or fix it. But don’t leave it as-is.

Are you saying they came out with another one that says 2022 Printing? Are you sure you are printing at 100% NOT scale to fit

The words do not align to the fields, and the fields are in the wrong order. The text actually prints on top of the pre-printed text.

It’s very frustrating. BSA own Scoutbook. If the forms update, it should be an internally communicated so that any and all users can adjust.

Are you printing at 100%? can you scan and post the form you have please? BSA Internal communication does not work that way unfortunately

and 33414 is the OLD version - it was replaced by the 2019 printing - you have to select 654936 option from purchase order

I am printing “default”. I do not know what default is, but “100%” is not an option.

My card stock from my scout store says “33414 2022 Printing”

For giggles, I tried the other SKU number. That one actually prints the data in the correct order for form 33414, but only the bottom row of cards aligns correctly. The top row does not. So even the instructions from within Scoutbook are buggy.

Supply Group released something (AGAIN) without telling other departments I guess - we will report it.

I don’t have time to post a pic. I’m at 2 hours of trying to print for my CoH this evening, a task I had scheduled 10 minutes for, and I’m at least 30 minutes from printing and have so much else to do.

Odd they went back to old form number when they intentionally changed it last time

OK, the form actually says:
SKU 654936
[ ||| bar code ||| ]
33414 2022 Printing

Why they still have “33414” on the form is stupid. It isn’t that, it is 654936.

That figured out, it still does NOT print correctly. It took me about 15 interations of printing, adjust, comparing to a light, and repeat to get the text to print correctly. Then print the pages one at a time, copy-and-paste my data into place. What a ridiculous ordeal. Some user error, but it doesn’t help to have misleading BSA printed material. The people that design this stuff are paid staffers. The paid folks really need to support the volunteers better.

This is supposed to be (tongue in cheek) a one-hour a week volunteer position… XD

Stock identification block

The 33414 is the item number which usually does not change.

SKU 654936 is a stock number ("stock keeping unit) which may change each time the item is issued. It is used in newer inventory systems.

books and forms usually have a printing or reprinting date…


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