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Merit badge Sheet Printing

I have used Scoutbook to print my Merit Badge cards for COH’s with no issue in the past. The card stock I always bought was #33414 2014 Printing. When I bought recently, the cards are now #33414 2019 Printing. These newer cards do not line up the same as the older cards and the words “MERIT BADGE” are directly where the merit badge name should print on the older cards. Basically NONE of the new printing lines up properly on the newer cards as they are different to the older style.
Will Scoutbook be updating to the correct dimensions to print to the newer card stock as it appears my Scout Shop only gets the 2019 version now?

I am attaching a picture of 2 of the cards from both styles of sheets side by side for reference

There is an item in the backlog to correct this issue. We do not know when it will be scheduled for development work.

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I do hope it will be moved to sooner rather than later. Or perhaps they might look at redesigning the new cards for 2020 to line up like the older 2014 style.

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