Promoting a Den to the Next Rank in IA

At the end of the school year many Cub Scouts are graduating to a new grade level. Consequently, Cub Scout leaders may need to edit/advance dens* to the next program level and Scout leaders may need to edit patrols. This function can be completed in Internet Advancement and comes with the added function of being able to demote a den in case a mistake was made. (In Scoutbook, administrators are unable to demote dens once they have advanced to the next program level, which can be problematic.)

Changes you make to dens in Internet Advancement are reflected in Scoutbook.

*Note: Webelos don’t advance since they are in an 18 month program with two ranks. Also, advancing dens really should be done for the whole pack at the end of the year. We recommend starting with the Bear den and working down program levels to avoid confusion.

See the guide at this link

For a guide on how to create a new den in Internet Advancement, go here.