Error promoting scouts

I am trying promote scouts and get an error that says I can’t promote a scout because somethign is missing, but nothing is there. Any ideas?

What I get is that ____ must first earn . And then there is nothing there. I did all of the ranks in order. So I am trying to move them to Webelo and all of the prior ranks are given

@JamesLempenau - not exactly sure what you are trying to do but is this close ?

I wish, but unfortunately not. We don’t have things organized in Dens, so we do it individually. I was able to promote 2 scouts, but I go to the others and all I get is that same error. I would post a picture if I could but just says that the scout must first earn and then nothing so I can’t save it

All cubs have to be in dens within Scoutbook or many features/reports/actions do not work. Even if you don’t use these dens in real life, they have to be in dens.

@JamesLempenau Are you using Scoutbook? Or Internet Advancement?

Here is the URL that I am using: Internet Advancement It comes from the Internet Advancement 2.0 link

Could you provide 2-3 BSA member numbers of Scouts you are having difficulties with? (no names, please)

134087314 and 134087328 are two of the cub scouts. I am trying to award Webelo as of 6/1/21 and AOL as of today and generate the internet advancement report so that I can go to my scout store and buy the badges. Without that report they won’t let me but the badges

It looks like a bug to me, because I see:

Lion 2017
Bobcat 2018
Tiger 2018
Wolf 2019
Bear 2021
Webelos 2021

I am not sure why it is not working. Because time is an issue, as a workaround you could try logging in to Scoutbook.

As Cubmaster and Pack Admin, you should be able to create a Webelos den for them, and use the “Reassign Scout(s)” button to quickly move your Webelos Scouts into a Webelos den. Then see if that solves the issue in Internet Advancement.

That did work, it was a bit of a pain, but did the trick. Thanks for the assist

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