Protect yourself rules Tiger

Has anyone else noticed that the Vimeo link to Tigers Protect Yourself Rules is not working? Any recommendations?

Just noticed the same issue. My Wolf Den Leader asked about the Wolf video too on Vimeo for Protect Yourself as well. Would be interested to hear what happened! Seems like they are all gone or not working.

What do you mean by not working? I clicked the link and it seems to want me to log in. Is that your experience or something else?

It says “sorry, we can not find that page”
With a list of Vimeo “reasons you may not find this page. The video was working last month. There is no login required.

Maybe try clearing cache and/or a hard reload of the page?

That did not work for me. I also tried logging in but could not find the videos either. Feels like they were removed or by accident?

seems to be gone? The Protect Yourself Rules Preview Adventure | Boy Scouts of America - all are gone

Here it is on youtube I think - Protect Yourself Rules - Grades K-3 - All Lessons - YouTube - seems like the whole site is down

This has been reported and a fix is in progress.

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All the videos seem to be live again


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