Protect Yourself Video - replaced with CAPTIONED video links Please

Can you PLEASE update Scoutbook video links of BSA The Protect Yourself Adventure page found here:

with the CAPTIONED video links found on YouTube link playlist below? Protect Yourself Rules - Grades K-3 - All Lessons - YouTube

Thank you in advance for all you do in Scouting!

This really isn’t a Scoutbook request. These videos are provided by
The nonprofit Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center Foundation

their contact page is: Contact Us - Fight Child Abuse

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It is a Scoutbook issue as the video links Scoutbook uses in the requirements (Vimeo video links) are not captioned. Scoutbook should be using the captioned video links (YouTube). Both are provided by the Child Abuse organization you named in your response. I have semt an email to to correct their links on theirpage.

Child Abuse has already corrected and provided captioned video but have to use two different sources (YouTube vs Vimeo).

Scouting is an inclusion organization so the links use must always be ones that are captioned links (YouTube) thus this is a scoutbook issue in posting the wrong links in their requirements.

@WilliamNelson - they are in the overall rank sections for the cubs.

This is not a Scoutbook issue. The Links are posted at which is a separate division. Your Council Scout Executive could send in a Membercare Ticket for a change if they desire

We have to match what is in the requirements

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Thanks for following up. Scoutbook can’t link to the videos unless the official requirements specify those be used. I would suggest, as Donovan did, that you ask your council Scout Exec or someone else on staff to petition the Cub Scout program team.

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Figured since the Fight Child Abuse videos come from the SAME organization, The nonprofit Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center Foundation, it would be easier to switch the Fight Child Abuse links of non-captioned (Vimeo) to captioned ones.(YoutTube)

Thanks on the solution of including my Scout Executive and doing a ticket. Sounds like a reach out through National DisABILITIES Awareness Committee to the Cub Scout Program would be another avenue to add to my email. Thinking best thing to do is include EVERYONE so when change is made it hits all avenues (links) at once. So how do I include Scoutbook email in that ticket please since they would also need to change things?

Departments send in changes with an internal ticketing system

@UrsulaSeefeld - as someone who is hearing impaired i do understand. But it it a responsibility outside of Scoutbook to make those changes

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