Cyber Chip for Webelos and AOLs

Hello, we have recently discovered that the Cyber Chip choice under our advancement requirements for our Webelos and AOLS is no longer showing and can’t be checked off there (only the Protect Yourself Rules Video). However, still shows it as an option for that requirement. I haven’t checked the other ranks yet to see if they are an issue as well.

Any thoughts/help is greatly appreciated!


OK - quick update - apparently it is missing from all ranks…

Cyber Chip Status


Per “Training > Youth Protection > Cyber Chip” webpage:

Note: Cub Scout ranks; Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, and Arrow of Light the Cyber Chip has been replaced with viewing the Protect Yourself Rules video associated for their rank. Lions do not have a Cyber Chip requirement for rank. Follow this link to the Protect Yourself Rules Adventure and Videos.

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Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! This is good information (and as the Advancement Chair, I’m personally embarrassed that I was not aware). Can you tell me when it changed?

It was spring/summer 2022

Some Cyber Chip Award History

Major Social Media Safety Changes

  • Ranks added to Cubscouting program
  • Content provider changed their product content.
  • Girls added to previously boy-only Scouting programs
  • Added as advancement requirement
  • Bullying prevention added
  • Scouting programs reviews and changes


The Cyber Chip can be earned by any youth in
the BSA’s programs:

  • Cub Scouts—Grades 1–3 and 4–5
  • Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, Venturers, and Sea Scouts—Grades 6–8 and 9–12


  • “CUB SCOUT PREVIEW ADVENTURE IDEA SUBMISSION”, form, PDF, November 2019; uploaded December 2019
  • Protect Yourself Rules preview adventures plans uploaded for preview.
    • most cub scout ranks plans uploaded May, 2019
    • Arrow of Light plan uploaded December 2020


With the Protect Yourself Rules video series aimed at youth ages 5-10, a separate series of videos aimed for youth ages 11-13, and the latest videos designed for teens ages 14-17, the BSA now has Youth Protection educational content for youth of all ages, as well as multi-layered, expert-informed safeguards in place to help prevent abuse.


Because the Protect Yourself Rules Preview Adventures is so wide-ranging when it comes to keeping kids safe, it can be earned in place of the Cyber Chip requirement for the Tiger through Arrow of Light badges of rank.

If you want to work on these adventures in a den meeting, the BSA offers separate plans for Lion, Tiger, Wolf,Bear, Webelos and Arrow of Light meetings. Though this adventure can also be used as a pack program, leaders should still break out the dens by rank, since each program has content aimed at specific age groups.


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