Quick Tip: Put WebEx, Zoom, etc. in meeting location URL blank

Maybe everyone did this right away, maybe not. But I have been putting the URL in the meeting location URL normally reserved for the google maps URL.

Then in the meeting location text I put “Click here to connect to the WebEx meeting”. It works pretty well.

Just a tip.




Thank you for posting

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Thanks for the tip! Very useful.

Great tip to put Click here… in the location text, I had been putting the link in the URL location but doubt anyone noticed the highlighted text.

I would recommend not doing this. It opens you up to someone not in Scouting to cyberjack your meeting. I would put in the comments that the meetings are virtual and to contact XXX for log on information.

How does someone not in Scouting access the Troop Scoutbook calendar? I thought only the Troop can access the calendar?

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Scoutbook invites only go to members of unit.

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Well if you had the ICS feeding into a calendar on a public website it could be vulnerable


Which we do. :slight_smile: Due to Scoutbook’s markup, the link is broken. It is easy to “fix”, but we have had it where people need to wait until the host joins the meeting. It is easy enough then to kick people out.

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