Troop Committee Training Only Indicating Wrong Results

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Taking quiz at 21% completion point of Scouts BSA - Troop Committee Position - Specific Training
Question is “Select all the choices below that are a Method of Scouts BSA. Click all that apply” but no matter which choices you select you get “Incorrect - Religious Study is not one of the eight methods…”
Can’t get past this.

It is just a very poorly written failure - Ideals is a principle and that needs to be checked. @RonaldBlaisdell this question has to be changed - sick if addressing it on the forums.

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Send suggestions to:

That is the proper contact on the BSA Scouting U team.

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@RonaldBlaisdell noted email sent - Again

@DominicBonacci What the message is trying to say is that all answers available are correct except Religious Studies

I’m not on the ScoutingU committee and they are the ones who need to approve any changes to training.