"Recharter" link NOT appearing

I am the Committee Chair for our Pack. I am successfully logged into the Internet Advancement platform with my MyScouting.com credentials. I do NOT see the “Recharter” link in the left-side menu, per the instructional video. Anyone have suggestions? Much appreciated! I am ready to get this done!

@TressaOrthmeyer1 you are not registered as Chair - you are registered as a Committee Member - you can go to my.scouting.org > My Profile to see your registered positions

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Seems to me this is a council issue - as the Pack has no official Chair, Council needs to fix that

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Donovan, Thank you for that. I am listed as Committee Chair in ScoutBook and I don’t understand why it doesn’t reflect that in myscounting.org. Does anyone know HOW I get help with that change?

Either council needs to change it - OR you COR could go into my.scouting.org > Roster > Organization (maybe position) manager and change your position now - you would still need to wait overnight for it to take full effect

@TressaOrthmeyer1 The pack’s official roster is at my.scouting - not Scoutbook.

If your Chartered Org. Rep. knows how to use my.scouting, the quickest way to resolve would be to ask your COR to log in at my.scouting and then:

  1. Click on: Menu → Pack XXXX → Roster
  2. Click on “Position Manager”
  3. The COR should be able to use the Position Manager to move you into the “Committee Chair” spot.
    (Please note that you will need to wait for an overnight automated process to run. You should have Committee Chair access the following day.)

We had a situation like that with a new unit not having a Cubmaster, and there wasn’t even a Cubmaster slot available in position manager. So, this may be something council needs to address?

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