New Committee Chair

Our pack has a new committee chair (myself) but our cubmaster and chartered org rep cannot seem to figure out how to get me set up on myscouting.
My current myscouting profile says my position is committee member, so I can’t do much.

In Scoutbook, They were able to figure out how to add me as CC. Or how to approve my new position that I added. But they are stuck when it comes to myscouting.

Any help is appreciated. Pack 8094
my Member ID13834121
Council: Greater St. Louis Area Council
District: Soaring Eagle

The COR can go to and use Position Manager to give you the CC Position

OK. I sent our CM and COR directions from the help section on how to do this, and they both said they couldn’t figure out how to add me.
Any ideas on what could be going on?

The Chartered Org. Rep. (or COR Delegate) needs to make the change at my.scouting:

Roster → Position Manager

After they make the change, you will need to wait for an overnight process to run. The next day, you should be registered as the Committee Chair and have Committee Chair access.

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After trying what @JenniferOlinger said, you’ll have to get more info on what they mean / what they are seeing. They need to drag the names around to reassign.


I ran into this same issue for another unit yesterday.
It’s entirely possible that your units’ recharter may not be fully posted yet. That would prevent anyone from making changes in position manager.
And it does not give any useful message as to why. You should contact your council to confirm your recharter status.

Thanks for the info. We will try a few things.

Another possibility might be that one of the registered adult leaders does not have an approved criminal background check (CBC).

From what I remember, that can lock down the Position Manager.


Only the COR can change positions., click Menu, click Organization Manager, click Position manager. Need to remove the old one first. Make them a committee member for now. with the position now empty , click the drop down and click your name. (ok, I am doing this from memory and I’m old and feeble).
And yes, overnight waiting is always good.
Once you see it in My.Scouting.Org, you should look at Scoutbook. That may take another 24 hrs.

PS Google is helpful. I think one of my volunteers did “BSA knowledge base online position changes”

Marian Mcquaid, Spirit of Adventure Council