Can’t access recharter or Scoutbook as Key 3 Leader

I’m currently our Committee Chair, and I can’t get access to the Recharter, my.Scouting, or Scoutbook to submit our recharter. Seems like there needs to be some type of reset or resynch of my credentials to these systems. Our unit is Pack 525, Council #592. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

@JohnZaikowski you were loggin in under the wrong BSA # - I have that fixed for you in and Scoutbook

Ok, thanks very much - I can get in now, but am seeing a few issues:

  • I don’t have the option to recharter through
  • The roster in my.scouting is correct, but it looks like the roster in and in Scoutbook need to be re-synched with the my.scouting roster.
    Are you able to assist/provide advice?

First guess would be recharter is already turned off for your unit as it expired 12/31

On both talk to council

on recharter am told this will be fixed today

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