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Scouter Award Tracking?

Would great to have a feature to track Scouter adult awards, tied back to the award application forms for easy documentation and time tracking.

@MarkHughes - many people have asked for this but based on the current structure the scouter awards would have a limited audience. Primarily the scouter themselves and unit admins. The ability to display them to others would not be there.

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Supporting awards for adults is in the backlog. We do not know if or when the BSA will schedule it for implementation. I would not expect to any work on it for the foreseeable future.


I was thinking It would make transparency and tracking easier for things like the adult awards. For example the scouters training award, or the adult equivalent for preparedness, etc. I think the awareness of and requirements for adult awards is not well know and Scouters could track and plan to meet the requirements during the course of their volunteering; it would make it easier to recognize their contributions. Just a thought.

It seems odd that they won’t want to use it to even track some awards. I assume they track things like the Silver Beaver and higher awards nationally, no? If not, that seems odd. If they are tracking it, why not put it in a public facing database vs. one that very few people can see.

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It all has to do with prioritizing resources. The BSA does not have an unlimited budget for developers.

True, but they were the ones that decided how big the budget is vs. other items.

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