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Recording MB Progress with Out of Council MBC

I’m not sure if this is in the right section. I have a question regarding scout who earn MB through Councils outside their own. My troop have several scout who did this. Further, those Councils just sent the completed or partially completed blue card to the scouts. We as troop leaders manually entered the information sent to us by those other Councils. Will the scout lose those hard earned MB and need to start again?

You should copy down what is on the Scout’s blue card and enter the completed requirements in Scoutbook. The Scout should retain the card, in case they move away, that is the only proof they completed the requirements.

You can also snap a picture of the blue card and attach it to the merit badge record in Scoutbook… Just in case the Scout loses it.

Not that that every happens.

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The process is no different than if you have an in-council MBC who doesn’t use scoutbook.

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