Recording Meeting Attendance

Is there a way to take meeting attendance in Scoutbook? I see where you can add camping, hiking and service attendance, but we like to do meeting attendance, fundraiser attendance, etc. Am I missing something? Sorry, I’m a Troopmaster user working on switching over to Scoutbook.

Meeting attendance is taken on the Scoutbook calendar.

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I think there are two different things getting confounded here. One is the Scoutbook calendar, which is hosted at The other is the activity logs, hosted at AKA Internet Advancement 2 (although this can be reached from within Scoutbook via a link click.)

Currently, the activity logs (@ IA2) only track service hours, camping days/nights, and hiking miles. Requests have been submitted in the past to expand to additional categories, but as yet BSA hasn’t announced when or if they will schedule development on that.

As @edavignon noted, any scout or scouter with the relevant positions/permissions can record attendance at any event added to the Scoutbook calendar. However, there are no explicit “logs” associated with the calendar that are trackable by individual.


Here’s the help wiki article on Scoutbook calendar editing. Using Scoutbook Calendars (SB) - Scoutbook Knowledge Base, which lists the scout and scouter roles which have calendar editing access.

For more information on the activity logs and who has access to edit those, you can take a look at this help article: Recording Activities in Internet Advancement and Scoutbook - Scoutbook Knowledge Base, which has an abilities matrix near the bottom.

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