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Recording Camping nights, service hours, hikes in scoutbook

Years ago, there was an extension for Chrome that allowed one to record camping nights, hike miles, service hours, all in Scoutbook via the calendar, and quick entry. It was a great feature and we used it a ton. PLEASE bring it back!
Now one has to reenter the event into Internet Advancement (not a good design) and record it there. I have been told IA is the main record and everything should be done in there. But IA does not have the Attendance, invite and RSVP features that Scoutbook does. IA does not update into scoutbook for these items.
if IA is the source of record, thats great. But PLEASE PLEASE Fix scoutbook so that it will feed everything into IA, including events created, and allow for simple service hour/camping/hiking updates. PLEASE!
As it is now, everything has to be done twice meaning it does not get done right. As a software developer I cringe everything i need to take the time to do work twice… its just bad design and user experience.

Unfortunately because activity logs are recorded in Internet Advancement and the calendar is in Scoutbook, there is no way to make this work via the extension.

There is a long term plan to unify the calendar and activity logs but at this time we do not know when it will go into production.


As an additional note, the IA logs don’t allow for adding more scouts after the event is created.

Currently, best process is to use the Scoutbook calendar for scheduling, invites, RSVP, attendance, and notes. Then, after the event is done, create the matching log entries in IA.

BSA IT has plans to redo Scoutbook’s calendar, per posts from long ago. Timing is unknown, but I expect it will coordinate with the logs, as it is expected to move to the IA user interface.

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Simple to add Scouts @DougWright just click the grey pencil in top right of event


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