Recording scout leadership experience in ScoutBook

We’re new to Scoutbook and are curious how other troops are recording scout leadership experience in it. We’ve recorded each scout’s leadership based on the dates of the elections, but this has resulted in a few scouts being a few days short of the required 6 months of leadership experience for their next rank advancement. How are other troops handling this issue?

We conduct the elections with the understanding that positions begin on the first day of the next month.

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@TanyaSteinhofer not sure I understand? If a Scout is short on POR Tenure then they are short and should not get rank

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But this is really a program question so you should talk to council on it

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The reason they are short is because of the random date the ScoutMaster chooses to hold the election, so twice a year, some scouts will be short of their 6 months of leadership and the other scouts will have extra days. It seems a system like Sean proposed might solve this problem that the scouts have no control over. De-coupling the election date from the dates of service seems to solve this problem. It’s like US election for president, which occurs in November, but the term of service doesn’t begin until January. Does that make sense? Thanks!

Our troop the PLC sets the election date 1-2 weeks prior to the taking of office and the date of taking office is ALWAYS September 1 and March 1. We set in Scoutbook the date that the person “Takes office”

And it shouldn’t be the Scoutmaster who sets the date, it should be the PLC on a consistent basis precisely for this reason.

This doesn’t sound like a technical/SB issue but a troop/programming issue.

Our service dates are not the same as the election dates. The elections are usually a week or two (ish) before the official term starts. Our leadership service terms are 6 months.

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