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Tracking Leadership

How are units tracking Youth Leadership tenure with scoutbook? I cannot find a report or access any data that indicates tenure in position or leadership history of all scouts in unit. I thought I would create my own reporting capability for this by exporting the data from scoutbook, but leadership is not included in the exportable data.

I keep finding more and more reasons to regret letting my troopmaster subscription lapse. All the data seems to go in, but no way to get it back out, report on it, or use it in logic.

@AndrewGoldstein - the leadership will report out on the Scouts BSA history report thus:

And in the scout record itself:

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I need to go back and audit all 60 of my scouts… I thought there were issues with BSA history report as not all positions were showing… Position Approved seemed to have been unchecked for past positions, causing them not show.

Not convenient to switch to IA, find the scout BSA History Report… I have 60 scouts. I dont need to be going to create 60 different reports or visiting 60 different scout pages to check leadership tenure.

That graph on the Leadership page SHOULD really show full once time in position has been achieved for that rank, right? I have never understood the graph on that page. Unless I someday figure out how that percentage green is determined it is useless…

If this is really how units are determining tenure for scouts using scoutbook, then I may need to reactivate my troopmaster license.

@AndrewGoldstein - the history report was run from within scoutbook. But you do as you wish. No point in me wasting my time or effort.

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When I looked for the report after your reply, from from my PC the reports menu for my scouts said "no reports: do I find it on ia.

Just tried from my mobile and now the reports show. Frustrating.

I do want scoutbook to be useful, but coming from using troopmaster i am used to having easy access to data…

Is there any way easy to access leadership tenure for all scouts at once? I could not find any way to get the data or create a report that does that.

I would really like to be able to export that data like you can for advancemrnt.


Additionally the Roster Report will show the current POR tenure.

Thank you for the tip about current POR tenure in Roster Report. That helps a little…

Do any other leaders of large scout units have specific tips or workflows for managing/tracking leadership tenure using scoutbook?

@AndrewGoldstein - perhaps it may be easier to work from what you goal and purpose is for this leadership tracking. For one thing, the scout if connected can see their own scouting progress. It is also their advancement and progress. So, what are you looking to do ?


@AndrewGoldstein For “managing” Scout leadership, use the Feature Assistant Extension Feature Assistant - What is it?. It has a feature that allows the unit to update positions during elections all at once instead of one Scout at a time.

“That graph on the Leadership page SHOULD really show full once time in position has been achieved for that rank, right?”

I have this same question. I don’t understand the point of the graph because I’ve never seen it maxed out. I appreciate the data, but it doesn’t give you whether the Leadership requirements have been met.

I agree that it would be helpful to know what the scale is on the time axis. The leadership requirement is more than just time in office, though. There’s a risk to an indicator that says something along the lines of “completes time required for next rank”.


The capabilities I am looking for in terms of Tracking leadership positions, is to ‘at a glance’ see if a scout has met the tenure requirement for the current rank, at a glance see all scouts in the unit in a single place and see the number of days of leadership remaining. Most importantly, be able to export this information to be used in my own reporting capability to provide a monthly report to the Troop committee on the advancement progress of scouts (more specifically Trail to Eagle scouts).

go to roster
roster report
select all scouts
select position and its two subcategories

run export as csv and play

This works OK if the scout is currently serving in a leadership position, but not so well if they are not in a position and have completed some amount of tenure.

hear what you are saying but as a Scoutmaster - it is Scouts responsibility to show ME their leadership - not me show them theirs


Beyond that the advancement chair on m committee can examine that information independent of me or the scoutmaster. And advancement is only one of the eight methods.

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