Import leadership details from TroopWebHost to Scoutbook

I see this was requested back in 2020, but no follow up.
We just had an Eagle Candidate DENIED because the leadership details were not in Scoutbook at a National Level. We were told this is a new policy and will be important going forward.
We track leadership, advancement, etc in TroopWebHost now.
TroopWebHost support stated that ScoutBook does not support importing of Leadership positions with no plans to.
This lack of functionality has delayed one of our Eagle Scouts already and will continue to impact ALL Scouts going forward.
It is a burden and prone to errors if our advancement chair manually has to enter Position of Responsibility dates (Leadership) into ScoutBook vs. being able to import.
Hopefully ScoutBook can update to allow import of leadership from other sources before this impacts too many Scouts.

Thank you.

@KenMalone - rejected by whom and please do provide me with the policy in writing. I dont recall seeing that in the guide to advancement

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@KenMalone we have heard of a few rouge councils saying this - the easiest answer is for a key 3 to use their credentials (username/password) to sign into > on right side of page you will see my units - click the correct unit > all scouts should be on that page as they will not be in patrols - so click the scout > then click (name’s) Leadership > then add enough leadership to fill the 3 requirements (Star, Life, Eagle)


I would appeal. I’ve never heard of such a rule.


@Stephen_Hornak @DonovanMcNeil @jacobfetzer Thanks for the suggestions. As of now we have had to manually enter just the Life leadership into ScoutBook so it matches what the application says. The first time we’ve seen this and were told it’s the national review and not the board. This should go through now, but it will likely delay the official approval by another 3-4 weeks. It’s also a headache we’d like to avoid in the future. When things become manual, we make mistakes. It would be much easier for ScoutBook to add the import feature using “Internet Advancement 2.0” feature that exists for rank, Merit Badges, etc. Unless it’s brought up by enough people, they won’t consider it important.

@KenMalone - I would like to see where in the BSA Guide to Advancement that this is even a thing.

No it sounds like Registrars have been told that the dates have to be in for the verification to work - so either they add them or system does - the issue for systems outside of Scoutbook is about 20% +/- of dates are bad - like a day short or something. SB’s Eagle Application is a first barrier for that. I have put in a story to try to figure the best/easiest way to import the data - it would be up to the third parties to create the import once the standards are defined

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Review Page 40 in the guide (Section 6).
Reporting advancement is a requirement of the Boy Scouts of America, and entering it directly into the BSA system through Scoutbook or another BSA internet portal is the most straightforward way to get it done.
(There is more to read there).
States must be entered in either ScoutBook or Internet Advancement (BSA).

@KenMalone - would add that the feature assistant adds a quick entry for leadership that may help in this case

Dates of POR is a stretch for that to me - cause you as a leader are signing off Eagle #4 on given Date - it is that given date that is all that has been reported for all requirements other than merit badges in the past

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Internet Advancement has quick entry for leadership now.

@JenniferOlinger - well I’ll be dipped in advancements…

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@KenMalone - I too find the cramming of leadership dates into a section that is ALL about Advancements to be a really long stretch. I think they need to re-read the GTA

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