Registrar No Longer Can Enter POR

I apologize if this has been mentioned already, but I have learned that registrars no longer can enter a scout’s position of responsibility on their Eagle application (requirement #4). The unit must enter it into Scoutbook which will take 24 hours for the registrar to see it. Will National be sending third parties a code so that the POR information (like merit badges and ranks) can be uploaded? I hope I explained this correctly. Thank you.

The Scout can type the POR into the Eagle application using Adobe Reader. POR does not need to be recorded in Scoutbook to apply for Eagle.

Thank you. Scout submitted Eagle application into Council (with POR listed correctly) but application needed correcting since their POR were missing in Scoutbook. This note was mentioned on the unit leader’s letter: “Other: Leadership positions are missing in scoutbook and must be added by the unit and noted on the attached amendment form.”

I’m checking with my council’s Eagle verifier because I know they do not have this issue and do not require Scouts to have POR in Scoutbook. Doing so is adding to the requirements which is not allowed per the Guide to Advancement.

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Yeah that does not add up. What about all the TroopMaster units? Perhaps someone at council is going to far. Eagle Verification is about award Dates, and tenure. POR has never been checked; that is what the Unit Leader Signature is about.

From my Eagle verifier in my Council:

Eagle Verifier has not had any problem verifying the Eagle App even when no positions of responsibility are listed. She verifies it by looking at the application and making sure they have a POR listed that satisfies the 6 months and then verifies it. We can’t enter the POR from our end though. But it verifies anyway and we send it out for a board. Eagle Verifier hasn’t had any problems putting in the BOR date when it comes back even if there are no POR listed in the record.

This video was shared to assist the unit: Positions of Responsibility and the Eagle Application in Scoutbook - YouTube
Again, thank you.

Well if it was a National video it might mean something. This is a council video. PORs can be in Scoutbook but they are not a requirement to be in Scoutbook.

And as confirmed by my Council (one of the largest in the BSA with several hundred Eagles per year) the POR does not have to be in the system in order to verify Eagle or set a BOR date. She just looks at the app and makes sure the POR as entered meets the requirement.

I truly appreciate it. Now, how does one communicate this to the verifier in their Council?
Thank you.

I would send an e-mail explaining what we told you. Council staff can also use internal BSA workgroup forums to ask questions of other council staff.

Thank you for your time.

Excerpt of email from a verifier: “The direction changed in the last 30 to 60 days with this new system…it’s part of the Eagle verification application process, same as the old system but we entered the positions in from the app… it’s a red flag on our end, it will not let us continue the process without it, so the only way to enter it is thru Scoutbook on your end.”

@MaryHarding - what about all of the units that are not using scoutbook

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Have your Eagle Verifier open a ticket with BSA IT. The BSA is not requiring units to use Scoutbook to enter POR. Your Eagle verifier is doing something wrong.

Verifier sent Advancement, who was to make the correction, the video I shared earlier to explain how to add the POR since the scout’s unit does not use Scoutbook. It takes 24 hours to process. Advancement, who entered the information into Scoutbook, will find out today if they did it properly. Advancement also had to submit to the verifier a correction on Advancement form SKU 34403 (even though the information for requirement #4 on the scout’s Eagle application was correct, i.e. 6 months and the listed positions). My original question included if National planned on offering a code (like for merit badges/ranks/awards) to third party applications so that POR could be uploaded too. Per Guide to Advancement, third party applications are admissible (section 6). Also, I could not find in the Guide to Advancement where the POR must be evident in Scoutbook in order to avoid a red flag (section 9). I am assuming that third party units will have to enter POR in Scoutbook along with entering it in their records to avoid this problem??

I will pass this information along.
Thank you.

From the Verifier (Workplace Forum?):

“I was inputting an Eagle Application this morning and the Troop did not put the Leadership Position in. It would not allow it to verify. Prior to this morning, it would let me verify without this. It will also not let me add a leadership position. Is there a way to get around this or should i have the Troop input the leadership position?”

“Answer: I verified two this morning. One had leadership positions in his profile, one did not. Both worked just fine for me. I would verify the old fashion way, then ask the unit to put these positions in the profile so it will sync before you have to submit after the EBOR.”

“You need the positions when you add in the EBOR date, so either way before or after the app is sent in.”

@RonFedele - perhaps can weigh in on this as the video was posted by him.


Northern Star Council staff report they have not had any problem entering EBOR dates and completing Eagle if there are no POR in the record.