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Report Builder has incorrect information

I used Report Builder Manager to list all scouts in the troop, current rank, and % progress toward next rank. For several scouts the report lists an incorrect % in the category for progress toward next rank. For 3 of the 18 scouts it lists that % as 0, but when I go into the individual scout record it shows some progress (i.e., 42%, 78% and 31%). For these 3 scouts all the progress is approved and I can’t identify any reason why the report does not reflect the accurate %. Any thoughts?

How long has it been since those scouts last completed a requirement?

@jacobfetzer - I have seen that on the cub side. Let me put some reports together save them then post the url and associated unit id’s.

@Stephen_Hornak Is it percent complete on ranks, adventures or both that is incorrectly showing 0%?

There was a fix to percent complete not too long ago. So, I’m wondering if it can be pinpointed to requirements completed before or after that fix that are not updating properly? Or perhaps requirements entered by parents through the app?

@jacobfetzer - if my memory serves me right it was both. If I look at the scouts in the den in SB it shows the correct % but in RB it shows differently. Let me build out some reports both troop and pack and I will post them.

For 2 of the scouts the last requirements completed were in 2020 (Aug and Dec), but these are both merit badges. The most recent non-merit badge requirements were over a year. For the other scout, the most recent requirement was completed Jan of 2019.

I don’t think any of the requirements were entered through the app or by parents. Its all related to percent complete on ranks.

Could we get the url of the report that was generated and the initials of some of the scouts that have the incorrect percents?

@jacobfetzer - this is what I have cub then troop:

report result url:


Report build:


scout initials:






Troop side:



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Thank you. We’ve asked the developers to look into it.

Hi Jacob - perhaps you can help me. When I use report builder to design a report to see requirements status for my TFC scouts I’m getting wrong information in my report. Specifically some rank requirements are being shown as having been completed t
hat were not. I’ve cross referenced with individual scout advancement in scoutbook and compared the data in the report I designed vs an identical report inputted by another scout adult leader. In some cases my report shows rank requirement completion on dates before the specific scout was first registered BSA. Interestingly - the last rank portion of the spreadsheet is correct for each scout, even though the rank requirement fulfillment dates are incorrect.

Daniel, I’ve sent you a private message. Look for the indicator on you picture in the upper right.

I found that if you use any sort option other than “by first name”, the names get jumbled around and do not match the result columns / rows (depending on your pivot choice). If you just have a few scouts selected it seems ok, but after about 5, it goes haywire!

Thanks for the info. I have reported this to the developers.

I’ve also noticed incorrect information for my Tiger dens regarding requirement 2 (listed as 2a, complete one elective adventure). I started working on one adventure but a number of them didn’t complete it (needed to be done at home). Since then, all the cub scouts have completed other elective adventures, but it looks like the reports builder only pulls in the info for the first elective adventure that was started and doesn’t see that other electives have already been completed. I must say, it threw me off at first when a couple of scouts were showing they have completed their Tiger rank but are still working on their elective…

@JoePM Ive sent you a private message to collect some info about your issue.

We use it to create worksheets for the merit badges and in working with the camping Merit Badge v2018 using details with dates. It is blatantly wrong. The first column the scout had %53 percent completed but there are no values. It is really hard to consistently determine what is the problem. I identified problems with Citizenship in the Nation MB with missing a requirement. Do these downloads at least for rank and Eagle Merit Badges get QC’d?

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