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Report showing 100% merit badges

I have a scout who has several merit badges at 100%Screenshot 2020-10-12 165005|690x189

these don’t show up on the needs approval report.

is there another report that would pull these? I’d like to make sure I don’t miss a merit badge for a court of honor again, without having to go into each individual scout to check

Do those MBs have a date approved to start from a unit leader? Are any of them marked “Counselor Approved”, or just marked “Complete”? From the snapshot, it looks like none of them are Counselor Approved, but I might be wrong.

Also, does the scout by any chance have a lingering pack membership showing in Scoutbook? That has sometimes caused glitches in the MB module.

They’re 100% complete, but not marked complete (they were imported from summer camp).

Basically I want to see if there is a way to pull a report where complete% = 100 and not leader approved so I don’t have to manually go through all of the scouts to look for similar situations.

it is in backlog to fix this - go to report builder select all scouts > all Merit Badges > (do thing at bottom that says add any new Scout) - then save and run - then search for “100”

I found this, you have to also include % complete, or else there’s no way to differentiate partials and completed badges.

there’s definitely code that checks for this case… if you drill into the badge, it’s there.

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