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Reports broken after update (img 404s)

After this most recent update, the icons used throughout reports to show progress towards a requirement are failing to load, making the reports unusable.

These are the URLs for the images that are failing to load (404):

I’m seeing the same thing that @CaseyHarkins is:

If you display %complete, then you can at least track whether or not it’s marked completed. Unfortunately, that doesn’t tell you if a leader has reviewed and Approved it.

so are these shared reports? Saved reports?

Creating a new report shown the broken images as well

it is reported - there were big changes to some of this pushed this morning

Yes to both (individually and in combination). Also as @Stephen_Hornak mentioned, I tried creating a new report and it was also missing the graphics. It looks like the links are just broken, as suggested by @CaseyHarkins in the OP.

Looks like it’s been fixed. Thanks!

yes this has been fixed - you might have to quite browser and restart

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