Request for new Event Type in Scoutbook Calendar

Good Morning!

Would it be feasible/possible to put a new feature request in the hopper to add an event type to the Scoutbook Calendar type of events? Specifically for “Outing” and have it auto-populate scouts & parents? I’m a Cubmaster and enjoy the fact that the calendar does that for the “Pack Meeting” event type, but it doesn’t for “Other”, which is what we’re currently using for all of our Outings/Camping Trips/Overnighters that don’t fit in any of the other categories, and it’s a bit tedious to go through and manually select (or de-select in certain cases) the families invited to the events.


Michael Raymond
Cubmaster, Pack 706
Montpelier, VA
Heart of Virginia Council


Additional event types cannot be added until the Scoutbook calendar is fully retired.

@edavignon Roger that - is there a separate forum to have this request noted for inclusion in the Online Advancement calendar/whatever the target state solution will be?

And I presume this is the same for other Calendar enhancements too, as I had another request for features that I was going to type up, but can hold on that for now as well given the retirement/transition of platforms.



This is the right place. Just trying to set expectations.

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