Request to Add # of Cub Electives in Pack Recognition Report for Each Scout

For the new 2022 JTE for Cub Scouts, there’s a new achievement “Will earn Bronze, plus 80% of Cub
Scouts will earn twelve Adventures during the program year (June 1 to May 31.)”

I can generate the Pack Recognition report to show all the adventures earned. Right now I have to count for each scout which is time consuming. It would be handy if it indicated how many adventures were earned in the time period per scout (the system counts for me). For large packs this would be a big time saver.


We have asked the developers to look into this. Apparently, there is a report available at the district level that would be a better fit for your use case than the recognition report. They are looking into modifying that accordingly.

That would be fine too. So long as unit leaders responsible for JTE have access to it.

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