Cub Scout Recognition Report only shows the Summary and doesn’t show details by scout

When I run the Cub Scout Recognition Report, it only gives me the summary as a result. So I can see how many of each award needs to be presented, but not who gets them. I need the breakdown by scout. I use this for our Pack meetings when awards are handed out. I feel like the recognition report is the same one I’ve used in the past, but perhaps I’m looking in the wrong place. Or is there a bug with the report?

@LauraHopper the purchase order from Needs Purchasing Report sorted by Scout is better for that

I need to see awards that aren’t on the purchase order. I need to see every award that still needs to be awarded. We have some dating back a few months because Scouts didn’t come to pack meetings at the end of last year or during the summer. So the awards were purchased in the past, but not yet awarded. I need to see a breakdown by scout of awards that still need to be awarded regardless of the date range.

The Needs Awarding report will show that.

@LauraHopper - did you select the All as the sort option. I will admit that something is different from my run last month

Additionally, there are things on the purchase order that have already been awarded. This is because our pack keeps stock of certain rewards, and they are only on the purchase order so that I can create an advancement report for the council.

Wouldn’t this do it?

@DonovanMcNeil - actually that omits the scout names… the all sorts will show the names while the others do not anymore

no by award type lists the scout names for me in these settings

@DonovanMcNeil - yes… my mistake… more coffee

Forgive the coffee spill, but I’m looking for this report. This is just the only old copy I could find. Sorted by name. When I pull it in Scoutbook today, it only gives me the summary and doesn’t break it down by name. It seems to be a glitch. We used this report all last year as well.

I appreciate the suggestions of different ways to run the report, but I specifically need this report run by name where it shows each rank or adventure that needs to be awarded still for each individual scout. Where the scouts name is listed and then everything that they need to be awarded right next to it. I posted a picture in the previous reply. I cover the scouts names for privacy. We use this specific report for multiple things, and it is extremely useful in the way we do awards.

This does look like a bug to me. I will see if I can reproduce.

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@LauraHopper Do the names of the Cub Scouts show up if you choose one of the other sort options?

Names show when I choose All Sorts but it then just sorts it by award, which is not going to work for us.

It also shows names when I sort by Award Type. But when I sort by name or by Den, it only gives the summary and not the actual report.

Inside your report, you should see a reference number that looks something like:

ref: PD-

followed by a bunch of numbers. Could you provide that reference number, please?

ref: PD-20231020112529-467347-583810 for me

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When I run the report as sorted by ‘Name’, and it only gives me a Summary, this is the report number:

ref: PD-20231020112548-545011-661513

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@LauraHopper I have reported your bug to the developers.

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