Request to Merge 2 Scoutbook Accounts

Hello, I’m looking to merge 2 Scoutbook accounts.

Member ID for one is 3967080, linked to the Mountain West Council 106
Member ID for the other is 14346447, linked to the Flint River Council 095

The surviving account should be the one linked to Flint River Council as that’s my current affiliation & will have my training & role linked to it.

Please do not hesitate to let me know if you require any further information.
Thank you so much for your assistance in this matter.

I will look into this.

Please do not include personal information in these requests. All we need is a BSA Member ID.


I only located a single Scoutbook ID for you. There was never a Scoutbook account generated in Mountain West Council.

Everything looks correct for you in the DBs.

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