Merge scoutbook accounts (1 of 2)

Could you please merge the following scoutbook accounts? Thanks!

OLD Account:
BSA Member #:136971153

NEW Account (surviving account)
BSA Member #137414524

Please merge the OLD account into the NEW account.


This is fixed

I have 3 member ID’s and 2 scoutbook profiles. Can you please merge them? I have member ID from Orange County Council 12937424 and 2 for San Diego-Imperial Council 14146388 and 13758098. I’m not sure which I should be using, I am currently an advancement chair and day camp director in San Diego-Imperial Council

@AlmaSmith I have merged your Scoutbook accounts.

13758098 is the one that you should be using. When you log in at my.scouting, click on:

Menu → My Profile

and then scroll down to the Registrations section, and you can see your registered positions and functional roles (if any) there.

Could you please help me, Committee Chairman, merge the following accounts? The merge function of my.scouting says the old account “does not match the profile”.

OLD Account:
BSA Member #:13208197

NEW Account (surviving account)
BSA Member #131044594

Please merge or delete this duplicate (old) account.

@CandiHardin1 13208197 had already been deleted. That’s why you couldn’t use Manage Member ID to add it.

Your Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

Could you please help me, merge the following accounts?

OLD Account: (surviving account, extensive credentials)
BSA Member #:12719274

NEW Account created by council in error
BSA Member #14080600

Please merge or delete this duplicate (new) account.

@MartinaThomas We can only merge Scoutbook accounts. Please contact your local council about putting your Troop Committee Member registration on your primary BSA member number (12719274).

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