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Request "today" button

I love love love the feature to maintain the month where you are at in the calendar. This is a wonderful and critical extension.

But! I want it all.

Can we have a today button added to take me back to this month? If I am 12 months out, I want to go back to this month fast.



It is in the backlog. I can’t predict when the BSA may schedule this for development work.

Matt - I will see what it takes as it is the extension that is “remembering” now.

A previous feature in the extension kept the calendar on the last date used. Today’s release added a link to return to the current date in the calendar. Simply click the My Calendar link in the black header bar to the left of the gear icon.

Awesome! Thank you for such fast turn around. This meets my need.

The main calendar and this feature will and do work well for those that are use them on a regular basis.

Since I am “picky” or “opinionated”, the part that I am concerned about the hidden user interfaces. Headings that in most programs that would just be text, example “Upcoming Events” under a unit and this, are secrete UI buttons / links. People don’t have any indication that these are links/buttons and that other text such as “My Family”, Patrol(s), Upcoming Events, etc. are not. People click clear buttons / links, but don’t click all over just to make sure they are not some button or feature they haven’t used yet.

This isn’t an insurmountable problem, but does create “additional training load” and increases the “learning curve”.

Please don’t see this as being “angry critical” or “throwing stones”. I know you are limited with what you can do as it is just layered on vs. a real program/database change.

The next release will have a button :sunglasses:


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You are awesome! Thanks for letting me be whiny.


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