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Resending an invitation to a parent to connect to their son on Scoutbook

I sent an invitation to a parent who did not accept and are now asking me for a new invitation. Is there a way to resend the invitation or link to email them? Thanks.

Yes. From the scout’s account, go to their connections page, click the parent that is showing as pending, then, at the bottom of the page will be the details to send another invite.


Thank you for your prompt response. Do you mean the “Update” button?

I did click on that but it did not indicate that another invite was sent. I believe in a prior version of Scoutbook it was more clear that another invite would be sent. Anyway, if the update button is the way to resend the invite, I have done that and will just wait and see. Thanks again for your help in this.


From the roster page, click on Settings (looks like a gear icon), then click on the parent’s name. When you scroll down, you should see an option to “Send Invite Again” just above the “Update” button.

William, there is a check box to send the invite again, then click update.

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