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Inviting New Parents and Re-Invite existing parents so they can use the mobile app

Where do I trigger an invite to the Parent App from Scoutbook? I’ve got a bunch of folks who just joined and transferred from another Pack.

I also have a few parents that still have issues accessing the app so I’d like to try to send them a re-invite.

Where are the options to invite folks and push their credentials?



for parents that are not connected (broken chain image in connections) if you click the connection you will see a Send Invitation or Invite

On lost credentials they can use Forgot password link or contact council

Something else: when you add parents as connections to a Scout, make sure that you use the “Search For Existing User” search box. You can search based on e-mail address or name. This will help reduce the possibility of duplicate accounts.

Something else you can try for parents who are already connected to their Scout in Scoutbook: go to their Scout’s page in Scoutbook, click on the parent’s name, then click Update. This will sometimes reset their parent connection to their Scout.

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That didn’t work. It’s a mismatch of membership numbers. Scoutbook created a new number for the parent but her council records are tied to the old number. I can’t change it and they’ve removed all the links to submit tickets for scoutbook help. What do I do now?

It looks like @edavignon is helping you out in this thread. It looks like the same issue. Am I correct about that, or is it a different case?

There are several different issues we’re having. My double entry parent is being worked on under another thread and my transfer parents generally seem to be in progress. I have two other parents having issues with their sign-in stuff so I’ll connect with them next to make sure I document the details for the team. Thanks!

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@edavignon Is there a way to move this to the Scoutbook Category and out of the MyScouting Mobile App sub-category?

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