Roster Builder CSV Export does not include adult mobile phone numbers

The HTML version of the adult reports shows mobile phone numbers, but the CSV extract does not. I think it used to be possible to get them but now I’ve tried many combinations of checkboxes with no luck.

This is reported and I think I know why it is doing it - I reported one other issue I saw as well

What will happen next?


When a fix is released, it will be announced in the change log.

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@DavidBrask a fix was just released for this if you can test it

Thanks! Halfway there.
The youth report now includes the mobile and work phones of the parents.
The Adult report still does not.

No it works - there is a Checkbox for Phone numbers yyou have to click

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For Adults, I check “Show Phone Numbers” which makes them appear in the html but the CSV continues to only include Home Phone.

There was an issue with the fix released yesterday. It was backed out for further deveopment.

@DavidBrask Try again

CSV option doesn’t work at all. I’ve tried in 3 browsers.

Youth CSVs work, adult do not.

@DavidBrask I can setup a screenshare cause mine works perfect

the youth and adult sections do look different

@DavidBrask - expand the column for the phone numbers… they are there.

@DonovanMcNeil - there are odd extra dashes in the phone numbers… not a huge thing but odd looking

@Stephen_Hornak I missed that as I have many international

I think devs found an odd error through usage and pulled it back again

No problem. I’m at Camp MaKaJaWan for the weekend. We have about 100 people who come up 3 times/year for facility maintenance.

Thank you very much. The column is there for youth and a combined column for Adult which works for us. However, we lost the Youth Protection training. The columns are there but blank.

Also, in the Adult file, the Address column includes the City/State/Zip which is also present in the City/State/Zip columns.