Roster Builder Including Adults in the Youth Report When Including Training

When I build a roster report ( and select include all training and export to csv I am seeing the following errors in the output:

  • the youth section is now including all adults even though the Adult section of the report is still working.
  • an adult is listed in the youth section for each separate training taken by the adult (for example if an adult has taken 10 separate courses he or she is listed on 10 separate lines in the youth section of the report)
  • when I look through the columns of data in the Youth section the Parent info is off by one column to the right starting with Parent/Guardian Name 1 which is blank and that info is placed in the Address column.

If I pull an identical report but do not include any training in the roster builder then the output looks correct without any of the adult issues appearing in the youth section.

@RachelVirden - i do see the same thing in csv, but also note that the pdf does not generate properly
ref: PD-20231113170823-900337-187411

You may want to include the ref number at the bottom of the original output as I have above

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@RachelVirden can you take a screenshot of your settings in the right column when running the report, copy the code at the bottom of the report (ref:….) and post those here. Also, please post which sort order that you are showing. Further, does the html and pdf output look ok and is it just the CSV that isn’t displaying correctly? This will help with troubleshooting.

I have reported to developers, but @RachelVirden your additional info (from request above) will greatly help to fix.

@ZacharyMcCarty - you can use my report ref. I had chosen all leaders and youth in the troop and only the show all training selected. The sort was the top listed default sort. The report visual is fine however the pdf creates a .aspx file and the csv is as rachel notes.

I basically check all boxes on the right side of the builder - here is the screen shot:

The Ref number on the output is: ref: PD-20231114101150-750625-558228

For sort order i am just using the first option: Last Name, First Name, Middle Name

HTML on the page looks accurate and so does the PDF output. Its just the CSV that is acting wonky.

While someone is working on this it would be ideal if the BSA ID for the adult was added to the Youth section of the report for Adult 1/2/3. Currently there is no unique identifier included in the youth section for the adults that you can use to vlookup etc to match to the adult section of the report since both sections of the report include separate information.

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