Scoutbook Roster Report Fields

I use Scoutbook’s Roster Builder reporting tool to export my unit rosters to CSV. This tool is great.
We use the data from Scoutbook as the basis of our own unit rosters which we distribute to the parents and youth in our units.

I notice that the data columns in the CSV version don’t quite match the data in the HTML and PDF versions of the report. Is it possible to add a couple of fields that are missing?

  1. Add adult address information (address, city, state, zip) to CSV (HTML version has it)
  2. CSV export does not have phone number(s) for adults (HTML version has it)

Also, I’d like to see a couple of additional fields added that are not present in either version of the roster report:

  1. Add gender for adults (neither version has this) - so I know how to ask to speak with somebody on the phone, if their name doesn’t imply a gender
  2. Add birthdate for adults (neither version has this) - needed to determine whether we have appropriate adult coverage on outings (one must be 21+). Also, for the troop, determines who’s eligible for the OA as a youth vs adult.


Mark Stickel
San Diego, Calif.

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I have passed this on to the developers.

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Tangential comment - both must be registered and over 21. Under 21 do not count for activity minimum. Change was made about 3 years ago.

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It’s a good point, which helps to further drive this suggestion. I’d like to be able check that a minimum of TWO adults are aged 21+. Others beyond those two can be 18-21.

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And your gender requests helps units with girls as one must be a 21 year old female.


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