RSVP Report from Calendar is empty

I am trying to get a RSVP report for a calendar event for my troop. My roles are Committee Member and Advancement Chair. I click the event in the calendar, and on the side panel, I can filter/sort as needed. When I click the “RSVP Report” button, I am taking to a report showing zero data. It has the event title, and time correctly listed, but no participants. I can change the filter settings, but always there are zero invitees, respondents, etc.

If I switch to my parent role by clicking the brown badge in the top-right corner, I can at least expand the “Confirmed” drop-down to see who has confirmed attending, but there is no RSVP report button in this role.

I tried to search the forums to see if this is a known issue, but I could not find a matching description.

Screen Shot 2023-11-08 at 8.50.09 AM

So are you clicking this button? works for me

It might also be you are not Officially the Unit Advancement Chair? a Key 3 can add you at - Position Manager

Yes, that’s the button. Here are screenshots, including one from the roster showing the Unit Advancement Chair role.

It is the lack of the official position in that is the issue here - a Key 3 can solve it

Thanks. I will contact a Key 3 person. Is it normal that a unit position would need to be granted in multiple places? It shows up in scoutbook, and in the roster view on IA.

When IA was built it was built for Official AKELA (membership database) positions. They are trying to figure out how to deal with it as it transitions to the platforms new roles.

And setting the UAC position in Akela via will push it to Scoutbook so it only needed to be set in one place.

Thank you again for your help. I contacted one of the Key 3 for my unit. He could not assign me as an Advancement Chair because we have one already (I am an assistant to the advancement chair) and the system would not permit him to add a 2nd person with this role, so he added me as a Unit Training Chair - He said that should give me access to run the RSVP report. Now I cannot see the roster at all, and the RSVP report is still empty. I confirm that the profile shows the “Unit Training Chair” role.

The Unit Training Chair functional role does not grant any additional access in Internet Advancement. What it does is give you access to the Training Manager at my.scouting.


Ok. I understand. My actual role that I need the RSVP report for is helping with some recurring events - keeping track of which scouts we expect to show up. Is there a role for that?


We have requested the RSVP report be available to anyone that can edit the calendar.


Not really. A lot of the detailed functions that committee members fulfill in different units are not implemented with granular permissions in the software (e.g. the ability to grant a particular committee member access to a particular report). The only functional roles that currently exist at my.scouting are:

  • COR Delegate (up to one, assigned by the COR)
  • Key 3 Delegate (up to three, assigned by Key 3)
  • Registration Inquiry (up to one, assigned by Key 3)
  • Unit Advancement Chair (up to one, assigned by Key 3)
  • Unit Training Chair (up to one, assigned by Key 3)
  • Unit Treasurer (up to one, assigned by Key 3)
  • Youth Protection Champion (up to one, assigned by Key 3)

An adult must have a unit-level registered scouter position in order to be assigned one of the functional roles. I don’t recall if there’s a document that explains the details of what each functional role can do or not. I suspect that, if there is, it’s likely are least somewhat out of date, since the software development is more or less continuous.

Thank you for the information. If the RSVP report can be made available to those who can edit the calendar, as @edavignon requested, that should work.

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