Scout book camping location limited to 50 characters

When filling out advancement camping details the dropdown list of authorized BSA sites are not valid due to the field having a 50 Character limit. I am unable to select the Broadcreek camp saffron site due to the 50 characters limit. Can this be fixed?

This is a council issue - talk to them - if they choose to have extended names of camps or campsites (which we do not know) that is outside of national control. If you type in Broad C it cuts off due to logical character limit. If council wants to enter a ticket they can. I do not see it having feet though.

I don’t understand “Broadcreek Camp Saffron Site” is only 27 characters.

The dropdown selectiona are

Broadcreek Memorial Scout Reservation - Camp Saffron.

This is scout book issue, nothing to do with council or the camp. Best to f

ix the limit on the input field.

My point was why is the option to choose this camp ( which is 51 characters) even able to be selected? Why have a limit, you can’t type anything in the field. Three options I see

  1. Increase the limit,
  2. Change the name, to under 50
  3. allow free form type in this field.

I have attached the screenshot of the options to choose from

There is no option to type, this is a dropdown selection field… with a invalid selection as an option.

Here is the screenshot.

@PatrickGriffin3 - I was able to create a campout test event and selected that camp without issue and saved the event. Where is the error notice about the character limit ?

The only thing I notice is the landscape mode… but as I said I was able to create and save the event.

This is the error I get when selecting the camp saffron site.

This error is actually when recording a past activity under activity logs and camping. I mislabed it under achievements.

This is recording a past campout activity under activity logs, camping.

@PatrickGriffin3 - I was able to add it on my pc with no issues.


Thank you for the additional details and screen shots. I have passed this on to the developers.

Would it or even should it matter if this is done on a mobile device or pc?

It should not matter what type of device is used. After seeing Patrick’s detailed descriptions and screen shots I agree this is a bug.

Even if the text entry field is limited to 50 characters, anything from the drop down should be accepted.

@edavignon - thanks… odd that it worked on a new entry for me on mobile and pc… but certainly they hit an issue.

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