Can't add more than 500 characters to description field

Original Event was in Scoutbook. wanted to add hiking activity, edit event → add activity log - > save.
error more than 500 characters.
My cubmaster at the same time was entering a new event and also got the same error.

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There has to be a limit on the number of characters. The database can’t handle an unlimited number of characters. 500 is the limit of the 3rd party calendar tool my unit uses.

I’ll ask if this can be increased and if a character counter can be added to the editor so you know how many characters you have used and how many are left.

If we are limited to 500 characters, this does not translate to a functioning information tool for leaders and parents to share event details, updates and changes to plans. We heavily relied on the ability to share detailed descriptions about events to promote and encourage participation, links for waiver forms, location maps and Scout’s planning form tools. We heavily relied on the Scoutbook Calendar features for parents to make notes as to Scouts needing a ride and those that have open seats or if they were arriving late or leaving early. We used the Scoutbook Calendar to show signups and open time slots for service projects and collecting food for Scouting For Food at storefronts. If this is the final version of the calendar’s functions, it is effectively useless. It is going to create an email traffic nightmare for coordinating an event and dramatically increase the odds of essential information getting lost. It is going to require other tools to compensate incurring additional cost and increasing volunteer workload. This calendar is not for the functioning of a Scout Unit.

tl;dr 500 character limit & no RSVP comments makes the calendar useless



The IA calendar will be updated to support more than 500 characters. I do not know when it will be increased or what it will be increased to.

The ability for members to add notes as they can in SB is in the backlog.

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For clarification… neither events were recurring. The description field has a max character count limit at thebottom of the field it is 16k something. And since it is importing all the scout ook data it can store that information. Just a glitch somewhere.

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I ran into this issue too with an event created from Scoutbook.

I understand there needs to be limit, but a 500 character limit seems pessimistically low. My event description was 1,682 characters long and contained what I’d consider to be the essential information for our event. It contained a list of personal items we’d like scouts to bring for a Klondike Derby, a few directions about how to get to the event, and a list of the six stations they would be doing to entice them to come. This is what I would expect to go out in the reminders.

This reply is 678 characters! You could fit 5,899,705,014 similar events on a 4TB storage space without applying any compression.

I have the same issue. I reduced the number of characters used from 673 to 297. It still didn’t create my event. I also cleared my cache based on another thread’s suggested solution. Then recreated the event. I still got the 500 character limit error.

I’m closing this thread. We know the current limit is too low and the development team has said it will be increased. When this happens it will be announced in the Scoutbook Change Log.

The workaround is to use the legacy Scoutbook calendar to enter or edit events where you need more than 500 characters.