Scout earned tiger rank, but not has been awarded yet

I am Key 3 Delegate and Tiger Den leader. The cub master marked some of my den earning tiger rank. We have not finished school year. I went in tried to remove the approved and completed date, so I could add in what was not completed, but it will not allow me to. These are all the 2022 requirements. I also removed a elective which was earned but not awarded to bring the requirements below the neccessary requirements to earn tiger. But it still shows that tiger was completed. I removed the completed date but will not let me remove it, I save it and it shows as removed but when i refresh the page the date returns. We have our awards night on June 24. i also have a few tigers who earned a few electives after completeing and approving tiger, but continued to earn more electives, which i can not add also. It appears that once the rank is earned it can not be undone. any help would be appreciated

@davidjune - did they not earn tiger ? I am confused by the statement add in what was not completed?

2 scouts marked as rank completed by cubmaster by accident, but did not complete all the requirements to earn it.One of those 2 will probably not earn rank because needs 4 requirements due to joining late. 3 scouts completed rank but not awarded yet, but continued to earn additional electives which i can not add in to completed. hope that clarifies it

@davidjune are all the requirements filled in? if so you need to clear one on rank. Then you can clear the approve and Rank date.

thats the problem when i remove the completion date, it does not stay removed. And I can not mark requirements that were earned completed, but not all were completed. As long as they attend this upcoming wednesday they should then complete rank. for the one who will not reach rank. it will not stay as not completed when i refresh the page

@davidjune I can set up a quick screenshare to see the issue if you want

i acutally might have just figured it out, the protect yourself under 2022 requirement shows in 2 spots and i had to remove dates from both for it to show as not earned.

ok - just say if you need help - and remember it is just cubs - so is rather trivial and not on ANY permanent record that matters. Or put on the CM as they made the issue

I already spoke to him and he did it to all dens to show that we have a 100% advancement, I now have to go to each den leader and find out which will not earn rank as we had 7 kids join since april.

The removing of the both protect yourself spots was able to let me do what i needed to undo and update it properly. Thank you for your help

LOL tell the treasurer the issue

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