Scoutbook Completed Date Different than Leader Completed Date?

Question- we have had a big issue with Cubs not showing up on our YTD Advancement Report because they’re showing a date that was in 2021 even though they didn’t earn rank until 2022. For some reason, the date completed (shown on the far right in blue) is different than the dates that have been checked off by leaders (completed, approved, and awarded.)

Is this because a parent checked it off on that date, but then a leader went back and changed the date to when they actually marked it off as completed? Or is it because they did a “mass edit” to their Den and just checked everyone off on a later date than the one that had been previously checked off?

Please see the following screenshot (shows completed Dec. 2021 on the right, but leaders didn’t actually mark it completed until March.)

BTW, I just saw that they took away the ability for parents to check off stuff in SB (woohoo!!!), so I’m hoping that this won’t be as big of an issue if that’s the reason we’ve been having problems.


The only date that matters to the BSA is the completion date. This is the date the Scout completed the requirements. The dates you see below are just audit information telling you who entered the data into Scoutbook. These dates are not used by the BSA and are not in the Scout’s record.

Parents cannot approve advancement for Cub Scouts any longer but they still can mark items complete. This is still the date of record.

From your screen shot, the Scout in question earned Tiger rank on 12/6/2021. There may be a bug however because one of the adventures is marked complete 1/9/22. We will investigate this.

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Yah- I could pull lots of screenshots that are not consistent with the final rank completion date. It’s very confusing.

So, to clarify, if a parent or leader marks something off on Dec. 6, but then another leader goes in and does a mass edit on the Den and marks it off as Jan. 10, the Dec. 6 date always sticks? So, even if a mistake is made, that completion date is always there regardless of changes after (although you can manually go in and edit that blue completion date.)


SB is supposed to generate an error if a rank is marked complete then someone tries to change a requirement to a later date. There is a bug somewhere in the system that is not generating this error.

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