Removed awards still showing in "Needs Approval"

I’ve successfully removed awards from a scout which were marked for other, incorrect ranks; however the Needs Approval report still shows them. I have logged out/back in several times over the course of two weeks and the items are still there.

How can we get these out of the system so they may be correctly recorded when the scout is in that next rank?

little more info please

The scout was a Bear last year and her parents mistakenly marked things as Completed for both Tiger and Webelos ranks when she participated with her siblings (of those ranks) while they earned those awards.

I followed steps I was given here in the forums which successfully removed the awards (a variety of loops from both ranks) from her personal record. I think it was that I went into her record and remove the date and Save in each award.

I bet it is applying them to the other ranks is the issue - I have some time and can do a screenshare to take a look?

Here are the steps I followed (but for Cub Scout section) Any way to remove a Merit Badge after it was marked completed and leader approved?.

Yes, what screenshare option? Hangouts is easier for me if you provide your email?

I will DM you with info

Thanks for all your help!

Needed to go into each step of each advancement loop and delete the entered date and Save (as blank). (I had missed some the first time through.)

Refreshed the Needs Awarding page and the incorrect information has been removed.

CyberChip still appears for grades 1-3, as appropriate. Did not remove that, of course, even though it appears under the Tiger rank by default and shows as 11% completed for that rank, as a result.

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