Scout first name is lowercase

Hi there,
We have a scout whose first name appears as all lowercase in Scoutbook, although it is appearing correctly in my.scouting. We would like to capitalize the first letter. His member ID is 135992663. Hoping you can help. Thanks!

@JamieWaskey it is correct in SB already - the issue is the NickName/Preferred name is lower cause - it can be fixed in Scout Profile

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Hi Donovan,
This is an issue with my son’s account. When he clicks “edit profile” and logs into Scoutbook Plus, his preferred name indeed is Capitalized. However, it is still showing lower case in the main Scoutbook. See below screen shots.

Youth Account 2

Additionally, when I log in and view his profile in both the main Scoutbook AND Scoutbook Plus, his name appears with the lowercase letter (even though the preferred name has an uppercase letter). See screenshots:

My BSA ID is 136902341

just go to profile and click save and it should update - but I see it as lower case in the database. or retype in nickname and save

or you might try at - signing in with scout account

Interesting. I retyped it and saved and it worked. However, I was not able to save the changes with our overseas address entered. It would only save when I said we were from USA with a US state. Do you know why that might be the case?

there is an international checkbox you have to click I think

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