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When one of my scouts first got entered into the system a couple of years ago, their last name was never capitalized. I wish to fix this. Interestingly, in IA in the field where you would enter Last Name,
it is capital. But on SB and on the area to the left of IA, (beige box where name, rank, MB are it is not capital and her Eagle application is not capitalized).

Contacted council and the DE said that they were told that the parent can do it. I request that the parent go into the profile and fix. Parent just writes me back and says no can do. Scoutbook says "“Please contact your council office for any changes to your personal information that are not editable.” So I have entered an inevitable loop…

All I need is for last name to be capitalized. It shouldn’t be this hard. :frowning:
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Any advice on how to proceed? Thank you!!
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The council is wrong. We’ve gotten names fixed a number of times by our council’s registrar in the past because it can’t be fixed in the “official system” by users. Under the old version of Scoutbook, users could modify names, but it frequently caused a conflict when trying to get a match between the official system and Scoutbook. Thus, the removal of that ability when the profile information interface was migrated to IA2.

This is what the interface from IA looks like from my parent view of my son’s IA profile data:

His birth date is similarly not user-editable.

Likely, what council needs to do is change the scout’s last name, then change it back to the correct spelling and capitalization. For example, add a letter to the end, save, then remove it. That should, in principle, force the system to update. I would suggest reaching out directly to your council’s registrar to resolve the issue. That’s usually who actually has to make the change anyway.

@KristinReichert that is fixed

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Thank you so much for your help!

Thank you for your help. I will be sure to relay it to the DE. I knew there had to be a way, and I figure that it is probably lack of experience (we have had some movement in the council lately).

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