Scout on roster but disappeared from scoutbook

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I was reassigning dens and one of my scouts is missing after i reassigned him to a new den. we located him on the roster in scoutbook and got him placed i the webelos den. he disappeared again i got him replaced in the webelos den. he then disappeared altogether from scoutbook roster and all, He is still on my roster on my.scouting. id number 136533980 t smith

@JULEEROSE that MID is in Den 1 of Pack 542

Going forward, I’d suggest using the reassign scouts button on the den page that you want to move them into.

T is still not showing here is a snapshot of what my den one of webelos looks like. He is still the roster just not showing in scoutbook. the first part is how he is listed in the second picture is my den 1 of webelos

TS 136253721

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@JULEEROSE this is a different BSA ID - you removed this Scout 9/20 - I have setup a sync to bring them back into pack tonight

Need similar Help our SPL is in the Roster and everywhere in SB except in messaging. He can not send or receive emails or texts because he is not in the list despite being on the roster. We verified he does have a valid email and phone in his profile but just does not show up in the email section.

To show up in messaging, a parent needs to “invite them to connect”. I believe the button is back, but was missing for awhile. The parent invites the scout, the scout logs in and “connects” to their account. Then they will show up to be contacted. They won’t show until then.

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