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Hi, two of our Webelos have disappeared from our Pack 268 in Scoutbook and online Advancement. Can you please re-upload them into all their previous rosters?
Their BSA ID’s are 137011577 and 137017597.
Thank you for your help.


I have requested these Scouts have their membership resynced to Scoutbook. The next sync is 3:00 PM Central today. Please wait until about 4:00 PM central today to check.

Hi- I think I have the same problem. BSA #136759842. Disappeared from Scoutbook but is still on the my scouting roster. Thanks!

The Developers are looking at this - be assured the Scouts and all their stuff is still there - we will update

@LindseyMazzei I just fixed the Scout for you.

Thank you, problem fixed!

While reviewing a new scout to our troop, I inadvertently double clicked his name from the Patrol screen and now he no longer appears on the Patrol or Roster. He just transferred out of our Pack so I don’t have his BSA ID. DELETED. How do I reinstate him?

@MarkSchroer Please do not put out Scout or user names - the name you put up does not immediately show in search - have a Key 3 check Roster at for the BSA #

@MarkSchroer I found him he will reappear over night or perhaps after 4pm CST today

Thanks. I am key 3 and located him on the roster at


We have another scout that has not been on our pack roster for a few weeks…thought he might reappear but no such luck.


@MarkSchroer That Scout (initials L.K.) appears to be on your Pack Roster, but not in a den. If you go to the correct den page in Scoutbook, you should be able to use the “Reassign Scout(s)” button to move him back into his den.

My son keeps disappearing from all levels of scoutbook and my (his) den. The other scouts in his den are always there. Unfortunately I can’t find his ID number anywhere to give you that. How can I get him back online and why does he keep disappearing?

I found his ID, it’s 13710267

@MarthaRaad This should be fixed now.

I have one too. Member ID is #133459274.


Did this Scout move from National Capitol Area Council to Twin Valley Council? What is your unit number?

That is correct. He is currently in Pack 0058.

OK, I found him. You are still connected with full control. Go to My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → My Connections, click on the Scout’s name then Scout’s membership. Select your pack membership then remove the end date.

The BSA Member # you provided is from NCAC. He was assigned a new BSA Member # when he transferred to TVC. That new number is in Scoutbook.

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