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Scout just disappeared from Scoutbook

Over the weekend, we realized one of my Webelos disappeared from my den roster, our pack roster, and confirmed from our council office that they are not showing as associated with our council.

One minute there, then not. Paid up, and was added after recharter, so shouldn’t have been an issue there. Suggestions?

If you would post the Scout’s BSA member number (no names), we will look into it.

Sure, it’s 134438856

Your Scout should be back now.

Success! Any indication as to what happened?

I have asked the developers to investigate.

This also happened to our Webelos 1 and 2 Dens for Pack 780. Some have been added back in by parents. No idea why they were deleted.

@ShaunaFox if you post their BSA #s (no names) we can take a look

Thank you - Jennifer move the issue to a SUAC chat to help.

My son’s info is missing -badges, rankings, etc #128146698


We believe your Discourse account has an issue so we can’t reliably send you a private message.

It looks like your son has a 2nd BSA# of 128656058. The Date of Birth does not match between the two and there is no current registration. Before we can do anything this problem needs to be fixed by the registrar.

128656058 is the BSA # for all his Scout BSA advancements

We have the same problem with scouts and adults missing in Scoutbook; I include the BSA number.

  1. #136724763 - child
  2. #136724774 - child
  3. #137236977 - guardian adult
    All missing from the scoutbook
    Thank for any help

@LuisRosario I have fixed all except for the guardian adult. I will send you a private message.

thanks @JenniferOlinger for all your help

Same problem. One time there, next time not. His ID is 13710267

@MarthaRaad This should be fixed now.