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Connections Manager question

Hi, all,

As our troop’s advancement chair and Scoutbook admin, it seems that my default “full control” access to all Scouts is fixed and cannot be reduced. I was interested in temporarily changing my access to a lower level in order to run a test, but apparently this is not possible.

Here is the scenario I wanted to test: If I have a registered adult on our roster who is a parent but does not hold an office like ASM or Committee Member, that person by default has Full Control access to his or her own child(ren)'s data and no access to any other Scout’s data. If I were to give that person “View Advancement” privileges to some other Scout (not the person’s child), would that person be able to mark a requirement as “completed” for that other Scout? I know they would need “edit” access to mark an advancement as “approved,” but could they mark it as “completed” with just View Advancement access?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Hi, @JamesWechsler,

Changing anything regarding advancement in Scoutbook requires Edit Advancement or Full Control permission, AFAIK.

If you connect the adult to the Scout with View Profile, then that adult can see only a little (Scout’s full name, parents names, current rank and % to next rank, and current default POR position).

View Advancement would include View Profile, and would allow the adult to see more information (merit badges and awards). I believe the adult can also see the Notepad and Comments on the Scout’s advancement and awards pages. The adult would not be able to mark ranks, merit badges, or awards items as completed.

@CharleyHamilton and @JenniferOlinger,

Thanks for responding so quickly. I appreciate your help figuring this out.

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