Scout with calendar edit entry can’t edit troop meeting

A Scout who has the Calendar Edit role, who previously was able to edit meetings, no longer her can. This has been true foe about 2 weeks now. Can someone look into it?

Any update? Our Scribe checked and still can’t edit.

I can verify this happening to one of my scouts as well. The Add Event button does not appear on his Calendar even though he has the approved Calendar Editor position.

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Thanks for checking. We really started using it. The Scouts were owning it. They were the ones that noticed something was up.

@JamesMayled @Matt.Johnson Could you provide the bsa member number of a scout who is having this issue?


13480127 and 135751465

I have never compared numbers before. It seems odd one is 8 and the other 9 digits.

Thanks Matt. I passed the MIDs on to the developers.

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12765193 for my scout. Thanks

Any updates? Just checked in with my scout today and he still can’t create events.

The same is true for our Troop. I confirmed with one of the two she still cannot edit or add events.

This bug still exists. Has it be confirmed and is there a plan? As our SPL said “this is really cramping our process for planning”.

I have a Scribe assigned this role and began having this issue a few weeks ago as well - ID is 133146488.

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Any word on this bug.

A fix has been developed and is being tested.

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I know you aren’t always able to give updates, and it can set expectations that can’t always be met, but thanks for checking!

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