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Unable to edit Unit calendar as Admin

I am unable to edit previously added events to our Troop calendar. “Edit” does not appear anywhere. I also do not have full permissions to add new events as I cannot edit the drop down options when adding an event. I am Troop Admin so what is needed to give me permission? Of note, both my positions with the Unit (Scoutmaster and Troop Admin) I have clicked “I agree to join the unit leader roster” but it will not remain checked so I’m not sure if this is part of the issue or a glitch with Scoutbook?

I reset your Troop Admin role.

Try logging out of Scoutbook, then log back in again.

I have tried that more than once already. It does not help.

What do you mean by you cannot edit the drop downs? As in you can’t make a selection in them? Any drop down in particular or all of them?

@RichardCornforth - could perhaps provide screen shots and a step by step of what you are doing?

Is the event shared with another unit in the calendar (e.g. joint Boy’s and Girls Troop event)? If so, only an admin for both units will be able to edit the event

Thank you but no change.

@RichardCornforth Is it a joint event with another unit?

Disregard the comment about not being able to edit the type of event. That is no longer an issue as today I have all event types showing up. However, I still am unable to edit any of the events that are in our calendar already.

I do not believe so. It’s only showing up on our Troop 110 B calendar as our own event. Nothing in the event details indicate it being joint.

I am simply trying to edit events that were added to the calendar by our committee chair. I have no ability to change the event name, time, details. I can only RSVP. Not other options. Does it have something to do with my positions not being “approved” by my Council? I just noticed my positions in my last unit that I am no longer a part of have “approved by San Diego Imperial Council” underneath them. Those positions have an end date and I have a start date for my new positions with this new unit.

I would suggest checking your current positions in your my.scouting.org profile to make sure that the registrar has processed your registered scouter roles with the new unit. That might be related to what’s going on.

It seems like, theoretically, if your Unit Admin role in Unit 2 (your current unit) was added while you were a registered scouter in Unit 1 (your old unit), then Scoutbook wouldn’t have thrown an error because you were a registered leader in some unit. However, when your position in Unit 1 “ended”, but your position in Unit 2 hadn’t been approved, the system might not have ended an Admin role in Unit 2. It seems like it should have ended it altogether (assuming your registration in Unit 2 hadn’t been processed), but maybe I’m misunderstanding how the logic works internally.

@JenniferOlinger @GaryFeutz any other suggestions?

I don’t believe there is any indication of a joint activity other than who is invited and if it shows up on both calendars.

@RichardCornforth What is your current BSA member number and council? It looks like you have moved around a lot.

@jacobfetzer Yes, I have moved around a lot with the military. Currently my ID is 137355980 with Far East Council. Scoutbook recently merged all my ID numbers so this number is my only active and correct ID.

@JenniferOlinger @GaryFeutz @jacobfetzer I also checked my.scouting and am listed as current Scoutmaster for the Troop of which I’m trying to edit calendar events. Once again, I also have the role as Troop Admin in Scoutbook but cannot “edit” previously added events from another leader.

@RichardCornforth Your Committee Chair is also a Crew Admin. Please check with him to see if he included both the Crew and Troop calendars in the events when he created them. If he did, you would not be able to edit the Troop events.

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Thanks! I’ll check with him now on this.

@GaryFeutz that was the issue! Thanks for suggesting that. My CC just removed the event from the Crew calendar and I now can edit the event. Also thanks for your help @jacobfetzer @JenniferOlinger @Matt.Johnson @CharleyHamilton